High-energy physics laboratories around the world rely on DSI components to ensure their experiments are successful. DSI’s many years working with high energy physics labs gives us the expertise to provide intelligently designed products made to exacting specifications. Products that DSI provides to the high energy physics industry include the following:

Neutron Detectors

The Brookvine division of Essex X-Ray, a sister company of DSI and a member of the HVT Group, designs and manufactures fiber optically coupled scintillating neutron detectors. These units are currently installed at the Rutherford Appleton Reasearch Laboratory on both ISIS and NIMROD.


ZHIP (Zero Hydrogen in Product) Mix is a composite material containing boron carbide (B4C), which absorbs thermal neutrons. Because there is no hydrogen at all, shielding components made from ZHIP Mix have an albedo three times lower than traditional “crispy mix”, which contains a hydrogen-bearing epoxy binder.

ZHIP Mix can be used as neutron shielding in pipes, drift tubes, and collimators, as well as for local shields and baffles in detectors. Components molded from ZHIP mix can be provided in a variety of shapes, such as panels (self-supporting or aluminum-backed), tubular forms for pipe lining, or many other custom shapes.

Unit of Measure


N/A 1.9 g/cc


N/A Less than 5 x 10-6 torr-liter/sec/sq. cm after 1 hour evacuation


N/A 19% Minimum


N/A Black