Dielectric Sciences Inc. manufactures high quality castings for use as either high voltage insulation or encapsulation. Typically, the mating receptacle or female side of the high voltage connection system is a cast product, often epoxy, although various materials are utilized depending on the complexity of the interface and the environmental requirements.

Using our expertise in high voltage applications combined with our working knowledge of mold design and molding techniques, we developed the technologies required to provide castings suitable for high voltage cabling systems. We are often called upon to provide non cable-related products as illustrated herein.


Tube Shields
DSI cast shields are used on vacuum tubes, magnetrons, cyclotrons, gyrotrons and klystrons to improve their performance and reduce leakage and noise.

We use our castings as the plug or socket body on most of our high voltage interconnects and cables to provide electrical insulation and protection from weathering.

Large coils of high voltage transformers are cast to impart mechanical strength, protection from dust, dirt, moisture and corrosion.

Circuit elements, PCBs and transformers can be encapsulated and potted to reduce vibration, shield emissions and protect from moisture, dirt, corrosion and damage.
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