• Medical-X-Ray

    Working with the world’s leading suppliers of medical x-ray systems, DSI has played an integral role in furthering cable technology to meet the increasing demands of the industry. The following sections are typical of our standard products, although many customer solutions have been generated for specific requirements.

  • Industrial-X-Ray

    The rugged environments of industrial x-ray cable assemblies demand the highest standards of performance. Although typically molded rubber tip cable plugs are specified (160 to 300 KVDC), an increased interest in pancake types for low-profile applications has led to additional offerings.

  • Security

    Higher power, continuous duty tubes for baggage inspection and explosives detection are often metal ceramic types employing pancake connectors at the tube end and rubber plugs at the power supply end.

  • Scientific

    The intrinsically robust nature of DSI cables had led them to be chosen by many leading tube manufacturers for line conditioning of tubes where transients, overvoltage and high temperature conditions are often encountered.